The Undiscovered Letter / Finalist / 2008

Launched by the Art Directors Club and Moleskine®, The Undiscovered Letter was a creative competition developed to raise awareness about letter 27. The challenge was open exclusively to past ADC Young Guns, who were asked to conjure up the 27th letter of the alphabet. Participants were encouraged to do away with boundaries and interpret this concept freely. Every participant was given a custom Moleskine® notebook to sketch in. After developing their ideas, they were asked to submit one final project. Based on jury scores, 27 finalists were selected. Among these, three projects were singled out as Judge's Favorites, and a fourth - the top-ranked project - was named the 27th letter.

Every day we look at letters in print. Most of the time, when we read, we don't even consider their shape. Just the meaning they create. This is the same for the alphabet and the Japanese characters -my mother "alphabet". As I explored ideas, I realized that the undiscovered letter lies in the 3rd dimension. I wanted to create a vision of what we could find if we were able to rotate the letters and look at them from a different angle.

"UNDISCOVERED" is spelled out from blocks.(Image on top) As you turn around the letters, "undiscovered" becomes an abstract form.



Snøhetta / Løvettan Bloom House / 2006
This was a joint effort between the Royal Norwegian Embassy, Innovation Norway, award-winning firm architects Snøhetta, home and lifestyle company Løvetann, the Norwegian Design Council and the design magazine Blueprint.

The entire 100% Norway 2006 exhibition was revolved around the Løvetann by Snøhetta modular homes, named Bloom and Lucida. So was asked to design the exterior & interior of the house. In the result So came up with the Bloom House concept which was inspired from moss filled landscape in Norway. So was commissioned to make this work by Snøhetta, and it was included in the "100% Norway" Norwegian design showcase exhibit in London in 2006.

    Løvetann/Snøhetta100% Norway 2006 Bloom Bed Room   Løvetann/Snøhetta100% Norway 2006 Moss Bloom Wall  

InDisposed /2009
InDisposed was an exhibit that took place as part of the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City (add year) The curators challenged fifteen "visionary thinkers in a range of media, from furniture and graphic designers to fine artists and musicians" to address themes of disposability, waste, and wastefulness by using sustainable materials in their designs.

Disposable is a part of the function of paper dishes. The generic, dull sometimes floral prints on the paper dishes reduce the quality of a meal. Attractive food ends up looking unattractive. For me food is about a visual experience as well as the taste and texture. Even in a setting that demands disposability I would like to enjoy the food as well as the function (tactility and the look) of paper dish so that I can complete the ritual of disposable and still have a nice aesthetic experience .

Furniture Exhibitions
So's furniture has been exhibited in a number of furniture fairs and exhibitions in Europe and China since 2008. Exhibitions include 100% Design, London 2006, 100% Norway, Designers Block, Milan 2007and currently So's Origami collection is traveling through China as the part of NOTCH exhibitions.
    The New Artisans show at Lane Crawford Hong Kong   NOTCH Festival in Shanghai